The Practical Experience of Higher Dimensional States of Consciousness

Crucifixion (Hypercubic Body) by Salvador Dali (1954), oil on canvas. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Religious description of higher dimensional experience

St Peter’s Baldachin (Baldacchino di San Pietro) by Gian Lorenzo Bernin 1623–1634. Beneath the Dome of St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.
The Samarkand Mosque in Uzbekistan. Mosques are often decorated with beautiful patterns that follow geometric structures that are tessellated to infinity.

Higher dimensions in physics

A 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold projected in 3 dimensional space

Higher dimensions in geometry

Graph showing the volume (Vn in pink) and surface area (Sn-1 in blue) of an n-ball of n-dimensions

Symmetry breaking: the Higgs Boson and the descent of the Spirit

The potential for the Higgs field that has a Mexican-hat or champagne-bottle profile at the ground
A ball located initially at the top of a central hill is unstable. A small perturbation causes it to fall to one of two stable wells (L or R)
A view from the Nave of Lichfield Cathedral UK, looking north easterly to the Lady Chapel in the distance. The slight northerly kink can be seen beyond the arched screen of the Choir
The male spire (left) and the female spire (right) as seen from the central spire of Lichfield Cathedral UK.

A model of consciousness as higher dimensional neural networks resonating with supersymmetric strings

A network of neurones in the human brain

Practical application to experience higher (inner) dimensions of space

Stone Henge




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