Marvel’s Moon Knight, Moses & The Divine Self in Lichfield Cathedral, England

Lichfield Cathedral, a view of the Nave from the Crossing

The Heart, the Centre of Nature & Mirror of the Soul

Panoramic view of the sky where the Milky Way forms a ring around the Earth, by Pablo Carlos Budassi

The Weighing of the Heart in the Egyptian Book of the Dead

Papyrus of Hunefer‎: Weighing of the heart scene. 1275 BC. British Museum.

The Israelites and the Heart

The Israelites carrying grapes at Canaan. Unknown 18th-century artist. Nová Říše monastery fresco, Czech Republic.

Architectural Centres and Moses the Mirror

A view from the Crossing looking up into the Choir
The Chapter House of Lichfield Cathedral with its elongated octagonal geometry and ten-sided central pillar

Aaron the Kaleidoscope and Miriam the Flow of Divine Light

The Lady Chapel of Lichfield Cathedral

Marvel Studios Moon Knight

Steven Grant sees his reflection, Marc Spector, in the British Museum. Moon Knight, Marvel Studios 2022.




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