Marvel’s Doctor Strange, The Multiverse, The Wizard of Oz & Lichfield Cathedral

The Sun over the Central Spire of Lichfield Cathedral

Gates of Light and Higher Dimensions

Doctor Strange. Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. 2016.
Artist's interpretation of the allegory of the cave in the Republic by Plato
Dimensions zero to four for the cube
Animation of a 5-cube in three-dimensional space
The only shapes that can exist in five dimensions and above
Plan of the architecture of Lichfield Cathedral
Dorothy Gale sings, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’
A Hannukah Menorah

Forbidden Symmetries

St. Peter’s Baldachin by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in St. Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican. Below this structure is the tomb of St. Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ.
The minor third interval of the haunting sound of the Common Loon as night falls in Mount Desert Island, The Adirondacks, Upper State New York, USA. Short film from The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.
The Five-storied Pagoda of the Hōryū-ji Buddhist Temple, considered a National Treasure in Japan

The Gates Between Realities

The ancient Egyptian God of Khonshu is depicted either as a falcon wearing the moon disk on his head (left) or as a human child.

The Mirror of the Heart, the Divine Voice and the Judgment of Angels

Graph showing the volume and surface area of an n-dimensional ball
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel. Alexander Louis Leloir. 1865.
The harmonic series: missing fundamental on 1 (dashed), Fourier series. The period which is the least common multiple of all the harmonics is that of the fundamental. Thus even if it itself is missing, the frequency is still perceptible.




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